Most Trusted Steam Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

When it comes to delivering top-quality carpet cleaning services, Complete Carpet Restoration Melbourne is the company for you. We offer a range of professional carpet steam cleaning services for your home or commercial property.

steam carpet cleaning

Are You a Victim of Flooding or Water Damage?

Do not fret. Complete Carpet Restoration Melbourne is here to restore your damaged carpet to its original condition. Our carpet steam cleaners will ensure that your carpet is dry and free of any foul odour. We are experts in water extraction and air purification.

We Also Work with Other Fabric Surfaces

If your rug, couch or other home furniture are damaged, we can dry and restore them as well. We offer rug steam cleaning services that will have your water damaged rug back to normal in no time. In addition to restoring your wet carpet or furniture to a good-looking, dry condition, we will make sure to remove all bacteria from the area. We want our customers to be happy and healthy after working with us!

Our Steam Carpet Cleaning is Fast, Effective & Efficient

We work around the clock– 24 hours a day, every day of the week. There is no bad time to give us a call! We work all over Melbourne’s inner and outer suburbs. You can trust our experienced industry professionals to provide the carpet and rug steam cleaning that you need, no matter what.

You Can Even Rent Out Our Equipment!

That’s right– our professional carpet cleaning appliances are available to rent if you would rather do the job yourself. If you would like to hire carpet restoration and cleaning equipment, look no further than Complete Carpet Restoration. Our advanced carpet cleaning and drying technology is perfect for restoring your water damaged private or commercial property.

For the best carpet steam cleaners in Melbourne, contact Complete Carpet Restoration at 0417 529 728. If you call now, you can receive a FREE quote on your next carpet cleaning service!

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