Cleaning jobs always seem a lot worse during wintertime. The laundry piles are much bigger since everyone is layering up. There is a lot more dry dust in the air. Washing objects in the chilly weather always leaves your hands cold and numb. And everything takes a lot longer to dry off when the sun seems so far away.

One of the toughest cleaning jobs to take on during winter is carpet cleaning. It is very important to keep your carpets nice and clean. A lot of germs and bacteria can live in these soft fibres and carpets can harbour lots of allergens. Deep washing your carpets can remove all of these disease-causing elements and can make your home smell all fresh.

But you should be very careful when washing your carpets during winter. Thick rugs can take a long while to dry off properly when the weather is cold. If you fail to get your carpets completely dried, they can start to smell horrible. 

To get crispy clean carpets and to avoid damaging your carpets you can give the following winter carpet washing hacks a try.

Get Steam Washing

Household carpet washers tend to use a lot of water. These machines are usually designed to soak up the carpet before lathering the soap in with turning bristles. Some of these machines do come with a vacuum system that extracts the water after washing. 

But soaking your carpet isn’t the best idea during winter. The vacuums on household carpet cleaners never extract enough water. Your carpets usually end up extremely wet after washing them with these ineffective machines.

The best way to wash carpets during winter is with an industrial steam wash machine. These machines use pressured steam to soften and loosen dirt and grime from your carpet fibres. This high heat also kills germs and bacteria on contact. Industrial machines have powerful sucking functions that extract moisture from deep within the carpet fibres. Once cleaned, these carpets are much drier compared to carpet washing.

Proper Drying Is Essential

One of the most important steps for carpet washing is drying. If your carpets are not dried properly, they can become very smelly and mould or mildew will start to grow in your rooms.  Here are a few great tips for getting those carpets dry in winter.

Create a Flow of Air

While you are cleaning your carpets, you should create a flow of air in the room. Open up all the windows and doors so wind and air can move freely. This will help reduce the room’s humidity and also gets your carpet drier much faster.

Turn On All Fans

You should turn on your ceiling fan and prop up all portable fans available. Direct the fans toward the carpets so they can dry off properly. 

For thick carpets, it is better to hire professional help. Industrial fans are ideal for getting these thick carpets nice and dry because they produce a lot more wind.

Blow-Dry Your Carpet

You can use your blow dryer if you are only washing a small spot on your carpet. Turn up the heat on your carpet and blow-dry it. It is important to switch off your blow dryer every five minutes so it can cool down. Your blow dryer will burn out if it runs for too long.

Turn On Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner can also help dry your carpets quicker. Air conditioners are designed to decrease the moisture in a room. By extracting moisture from the air, your carpets will dry off much quicker. The extra airflow in the room will also help dry your carpets.

Deep cleaning and drying your carpets during winter can be tough. The best way to avoid damage to your carpets and to keep them from smelling is by hiring carpet cleaners. Professionals from Complete Carpet Restoration will ensure that your carpets are fully cleaned and completely dry when you hire them to wash your carpets.