Hardwood floors are beautiful but lots of homeowners still prefer carpets because these floor coverings offer more warmth and help create a cosier and softer interior space. Carpets are also terrific for muffling loud voices or the sound of running feet and they are perfect for raising little ones who are just learning to walk because they help reduce the impact of a bad fall.

Despite all of these positive aspects, carpets have one big drawback. They are challenging to keep clean. If you find your allergies spiralling out of control then your carpets are likely to blame. This is because your carpets act like a filter that captures and hosts all sorts of allergens and bacteria such as dust mites, mould, dirt, pollen, and a huge variety of bacteria.

It is very important to clean your carpets regularly. Researchers have found that an average home carpet has about 200,000 strands of bacteria per square inch. This is about 4,000 times more bacteria than an average toilet seat has.

Dust and allergens in carpets can also lead to asthmatic attacks for people who suffer from allergies and microbes living in your carpets can cause allergy-like symptoms even though you might not even be an allergy sufferer.

Luckily, there are quite a few things you can do to get allergens and harmful microbes out of your carpets. Here is a quick look at the best ways to create cleaner carpets.

Vacuum regularly

Allergens in your home can be greatly reduced by simply vacuuming your carpets regularly. Invest in a good quality industrial vacuum with a high-efficiency filter. Vacuum your home carpets twice a week and work slowly so you can vacuum up all those dust mites, allergens and other particles. By vacuuming frequently, you can keep these particles from seeping deep into your carpet fibres.

Teach everyone to remove their shoes

Removing your shoes probably won’t eliminate allergens because most of these particles are blown into your home by the wind. But removing your shoes can keep lots of germs off your carpets and will also keep your carpet from becoming all messy and dirty.

Get steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the best way to kill microbes, bacteria, and germs that might be living in your carpets. This is also one of the best ways to remove dirt, grime, and allergens from your carpets. When carpets are steam cleaned, industrial machines are used that steam your carpet fibres. This extreme heat instantly kills germs, bacteria, and microbes while softening up dirt, grime, and stains. These machines also have a vacuuming function. While it steams your carpet, the moisture is sucked back into the machine. 

Allergens like pollen and dust that are loosened with the steam, are then sucked from your carpet fibres for an instant clean.

Use a quality carpet shampoo

If you have a carpet washer then you should invest in quality carpet shampoo. Does some research on the shampoo before you buy it. Some shampoos have chemical ingredients that could discolour your carpets or that can cause your allergies to worsen. 

A good disinfecting carpet shampoo will kill germs, bacteria, and microbes on contact but you will need to thoroughly wash your carpets for these shampoos to be effective. You will also need to dry off your carpets properly after washing or they could become all smelly and mouldy.

Complete Carpet Restoration

Killing microbes in your carpets and getting rid of allergens can be tough but it is important for maintaining a clean and safe home environment. If you have a tough time cleaning your carpets yourself then you should call in the help of professionals like Complete Carpet Restoration. These professionals have all the needed gear and products to thoroughly deep clean your carpets.