Many people think that carpets are all the same. How wrong they are! Carpets, just like any other product, comes in an array of designs, styles and materials. And just like other products, they all require different ways of cleaning. When it comes to carpet, there are three main carpet materials that stand out. Some are easier to clean than others. So which one makes the difference? We got the breakdown for you right here:


This type of carpet is the bee’s knees. A high-quality material, the aim is to ensure that it lasts for years without any problems. Strong and durable, it is the easiest to clean and you won’t have any problems. Of course, being the best, it costs the most. But in the long term, it is probably worth the investment.

Nylon Frieze:

Second the list and shares a little bit of its genetics with its older brother above. Nylon frieze is great for cleaning and very easy to maintain. But it does require more regular cleaning and maintenance in the long-run compared to other carpets. However, the benefit is that you can enjoy it all for less cost. It’s just not as good as nylon thought.


These are the lower of the carpet scale, and thanks to the cheap price, it is the cheapest and common throughout the country. Of course, this type of carpet requires plenty of cleaning to maintain its feel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t hold its on. It is durable and tough for the long haul. It just requires more effort to maintain that durability than other carpets.

Regardless of the type of carpet you have, you need to continue to clean it and maintain it. This will pay off in the long run and will put your money to good use. Worse comes to worse, you can always rely on carpet restoration services to make the difference for you.