Flood Damage – Do You Have To Get New Carpets? 

Floods are one of the most frequent disasters that happen across the world and affect thousands of homes. The after effects of most floods often lead to property damage, power cuts and pollution. Even though property damage is a major factor, pollution should also be given the same sort of attention. The waters that flow is mixed with all the muck and debris that was in the path of the flood, which usually accumulates bacteria, viruses and what not.

Normally the basic idea after being affected by a flood is to salvage whatever possible and reduce the cost taken to recover. This should be done as soon as possible because at the end of the day the reduction of cost is what matters. If polluted water stagnates for a period of time it tends to damage the items it affects. So the faster you can proceed the better results you are going to get. Items like wood are a very common in eroding due to water.

This is why when a flood happens to your property, you should look to getting your house checked – especially your carpets.

What’s The Deal With Carpets?

Carpets are an essential accessory within your house hold and it is widely used to decorate and keep the premises clean. From your front porch to the whole living room carpets can fit almost anywhere. These floor covering textiles come in almost infinite designs and shapes to make the everyday users daily routines easier and elegant. To keep your feet dry after heading to the washroom or to wipe your feet before entering a house is some of the situations in which a carpet is used. The materials used as well are different and comes with a unique purpose for each.

And for this reason, bacteria can be embedded in the carpets – which is where problems start.

Should The Carpets Be Changed?

Finally, the question to be asked. And the answer is yes, definitely yes. As stated already we know that floods always collect a lot of muck and with that a lot of bacteria in it. Items like carpets and other textile material tend to absorb more water. Combine that with polluted water and you have a mixture of everything in it. Think of it this way, imagine there was a flood your neighbourhood and think of all the things that flow of water been before it goes into your house. Exactly! All the dirt in sewers and the debris on the road are mixed. True that we are able to clean the carpets and keep it out to dry. But recent studies show that bacteria tend to continue living among items that have been affected by flood due to the severity of pollutions that was mixed in the water at the time of disaster. So don’t hesitate to change your carpets immediately.


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