Our Carpet Restoration Process

For years, one of the most requested services asked by clients is carpet restoration. They ask the team of experts here at Complete Carpet Restoration because they know we have the experience and knowledge to provide them with the solutions they want. Our simple and stressless process is why residents and commercial enterprises throughout Melbourne come to us. This is how our carpet restoration service works:

Assessing The Damage.

The first step of our restoration process is to take a hard long hard look at your carpet and assess the damage. We will look at the angles and the reasons of how these carpets got the way they are.

Providing The Solutions.

From here, we will provide you with the solutions for your damaged carpet. Our recommendations will include all types of options that can be tailored to your budget, your necessary requirements and overall desires. Our options can include:

  • Replacing the carpets with new ones

  • Scrubbing the carpet

  • Removing the damaged sections

  • Cleaning the carpets

  • Removing the water damaged sections

Executing The Plan.

Once you have decided on the right carpet restoration solution for your floors, we will begin the process. Depending on the condition of your carpet, and the type of restoration that you want, this process could take a couple of hours.

The Aftermath.

Following the job, we will provide you with sound advice and vital tips for you to maintain and keep your carpet in its premium condition. With our advice, you can expect your carpet to last for years. That is the type of experience and knowledge that we have in our possession.


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