Signs that your carpet is suffering from water damage

Water damages could turn into a major disaster if you leave it for a considerably long period of time. You got to keep monitoring the walls and the floor including the carpets to make sure that there aren’t any water damages. You got to keep a full stop to these water leakages before it turns out to become a major disaster. Carpets may help you identify water damages in various ways. You may come across a plenty of carpet restoration agents if you resided in Melbourne. You should get hold of a well experienced and reputed restoration agent to perform the duty.

Floors are changing shape

It is quite easy to identify water damages through carpets. You may notice the fact that carpets could become wet without any apparent reason. Water damages in tiled floors are quite hard to be identified. The carpets tend to peel as it absorbs water. This is best defined by the term “buckling”. In most of the cases, the leaking water tends to permeate through your surface and then sit on the surface. It should be noted that water accumulates the sub flooring when the foundation is saturated. When there is no escape route for the leaking water, it tends to run through the carpets. You may see bloated and swollen areas in the carpet layer within your house. It should also be noted that the carpet feels spongy when the damage is critical and has been running for few days.

Colour of the carpet may change

This is quite a visible and prominent sign of water leakages on your carpet. If you see certain areas on the carpet darkened for no reason, it suggests that the water has been draining from that particular area. It should be noted that this symptom is quite common in areas such as the laundry rooms, washrooms and the basement where there are many pipe lines running. Most of these patches are black, brown, or green in colour and it makes it easy to identify the leakage on light coloured carpets. The carpet turns into a totally different colour when the leakage has been there for long and you start restoring the carpets. The colour change after a water leakage is being affected by the climate patterns too.

Your nose feels it

If there aren’t any visible signs of a water leakage on your carpet, then there are chances that your nose feels it with a very odd smell. Usually, the ambience within your house or office is being controlled by the carpet. You are used to a particular smell and you feel that familiar smell as you enter the house or the office. In this case, if there is a water leakage you will get an intensively musty smell as you enter your house or the office.

These signs will probably help you identify if your carpets are suffering from water damage. Be quick and wise enough to contact a suitable restoration agent to get it sorted.


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