There is no other flooring solution that can make a home feel as comfy and warm as carpets. Lots of homeowners prefer carpets because they look and feel so great. These flooring solutions are never chilly in the wintertime and children can enjoy casual playtime on these floors without the risk of getting serious injuries when they do fall.

The only downside to carpets is that they can be quite challenging to keep clean. Unlike other floors, you cannot simply grab a cloth and wash away dirt, stains and spills and elements such as dirt, pet hair, pollen and dust can easily get stuck in the carpet fibres and can be quite hard to remove.

If you love your carpets and want to get the most out of them or want to keep them looking and smelling great then you should consider adopting the following carpet care tips in your life routine.

  • Choose Your Carpets Wisely

There are lots of different types of carpets available on the market. Plush and multi-layered carpets look great but they can be impractical if you have children or pets and these thicker carpets are also unsuitable for high-traffic areas. It is best to reserve these thick carpets for bedroom décor in the form of loose rugs and to opt for something flat, sturdy and durable.

  • Vacuum Regularly

Don’t wait too long before getting your carpets vacuumed. Loose dirt and soil are always collecting on your carpets and can start sticking to your carpets when these elements absorb moisture from the air and will become harder to remove. It is also important not to vacuum too often because it is not only time consuming but the constant back and forth movement of the vacuum can wear down your carpets. Twice a week seems sufficient for keeping your home nice and clean.

  • Get Professional Cleaning At Least Once A Year

It is important to get your carpets professionally treated at least once a year or every six months is preferable if you have children or indoor pets. Professionals can steam clean your carpets to remove all dirt, germs, and bacteria in your carpets and the fragrances and cleaning products they use will make your entire home smell aromatic. It is important not to wash your carpets on your own. Carpets need to be dried off properly to prevent mould and bad odours from growing inside your carpets. Failing to dry off your flooring properly can be quite damaging and can pose health risks. For the best deep clean we recommend you consider Complete Carpet Restoration. They have all the needed industrial carpet cleaning equipment and can help revive those carpets fully.

  • Use a Rug in High Traffic Areas

Add an additional runner rug to high traffic areas in your home. The rug is easier to remove to take to the cleaners and will help protect your ground carpets from all the wear, tear and dirt.

  • Remove Stains As Soon As Possible

It is important to remove stains and spills within minutes after spilling products such as red wine, coffee, food, gum, pet marks, and blood. These spills will stain your carpets and will be much harder to remove once they become dry.

  • Adopt a No-Shoes Policy

Asking guests and family members to remove shoes when entering your home can help keep your carpets cleaner for longer. This remedy is also helpful for prolonging the life expectancy or your carpet since shoes do have a tendency to wear down the carpet fibres.

With these tips, you can keep your home carpets cleaner for much longer and it will be much easier to keep your home nice and clean at all times.