It is important to give your carpets a proper deep clean at least twice a year. Dry carpet cleaning only involves vacuuming out dry soils but will leave behind stubborn and sticky dirt as well as any organisms and bacteria that might be lingering in your carpets.

If it is time to deep clean those carpets then the best thing you can do is to get your carpets steam cleaned.

What Is Steam Cleaning For Carpets?

Steam cleaning is also referred to as hot water extraction cleaning. In this method, an industrial high-pressure machine is used to inject hot water into the carpet before extracting the water out. The hot water instantly dissolves stubborn and sticky dirt while killing germs and bacteria. When the water is extracted, dirt and soil are also removed from the carpet. 

For superior steam cleaning, carpet cleaners will first apply a cleaning pre-spray to the carpet. The pre-spray treatment agitates the carpet and assists in loosening dirt and eliminating bad odours. These pre-spray agents are also very helpful for refreshing the vibrancy of your carpet colours and can make your carpets smell nice and clean.  

Carpet stains also need to be pre-treated to help dissolve the stain particles and to break the dirt and grime down into smaller pieces that will be easily distracted by the steam cleaning machine’s sucking action

Industrial steam cleaning equipment does extract water from the carpets but your carpets still need to be dried off using industrial drying fans to get all the moisture out of the building and carpets. Failing to properly dry off your carpets can result in mould and mildew growths in your carpets and can make them smell horrible after a few days.

What Are The Benefits Of Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Deep steam cleaning your carpets offers you and anyone that lives or works in the building the most benefits. Here is a quick look at the advantages you will enjoy when you order professional carpet steam cleaning;

Remove allergens

Throughout the year lots of allergens such as pollen, grass seeds, dust, pet hair, and plant fibres will collect and get stuck in your carpets. No amount of vacuuming can effectively remove these allergens. Steam cleaning washes out all allergens so your home will be a much healthier environment for those with sensitivities. 

Removes dust mites and other infestations

The pre-sprays and hot water applied to carpets kill dust mites and other germs and infestations so these creatures no longer cling to your carpets before they are sucked out from your carpets for a much cleaner home.

 Prevents mould growths

Steam cleaning kills and removes fungal spores that can result in mould growth. The carpets are also dried off using industrial dryers to effectively clean these areas.

Extends carpet life

Your carpets enjoy a proper clean and all fibres are renewed. This helps extend the life expectancy or durability of your carpets so you can enjoy them for much longer.

Refreshes your carpets

Cleaning products used during steam cleaning are wonderfully fragranced to help your carpets smell better. Your entire home will smell great and deep washing your carpets also renews the colour of your flooring so the entire room will look much brighter.

Removes bad odours

Steam carpet cleaning is superb for eliminating bad odours and for getting rid of pet urine smells. The deep cleaning process cleans off all bacteria and elements and fragrances eliminate smells which also prevents your pets from making messes in the future.

If you want to enjoy the benefits and results of deep steam carpet cleaning then we welcome you to give our offices at Complete Carpet Restoration a call. Our deep steam carpet treatments are the elite carpet cleaning method.