Wet carpets are a nightmare.  There is nothing inside your home that is tougher to keep clean and to get dry than carpet.

Carpets cover the entire floor surface and the home’s wall tends to capture the moisture while very little of the carpet is ever exposed to direct sunlight.  This and humid weather conditions makes it incredibly hard for you to get a carpet completely dry after a flooding or after you had it deep washed.  You can turn on all your home’s fans and will still find it challenging to get all the moisture from the carpet. It also isn’t always easy to tell whether your carpets are completely dry or not.  They may seem dry but can be quite moist on the inside or bottom.

If you fail to dry your carpets completely you can have a huge disaster on your hands within just a few days.  Moist, damp or wet carpets will eventually start to smell, rot and will get mold all over.  The mold and mildew will cause lots of green, white and grey marks on your beloved carpet and will result in staining.  Your carpet fibers also become greatly damaged by rotting and moisture which can affect the feel of your carpet or even result in a thinning carpet. Discolouration is also a common aftermath of a carpet that wasn’t dried off properly and the smell can become unbearable.

So what is your best option when it comes to carpet restoration in Melbourne?  Well here are a few top options of wet carpet water extraction in residential and commercial buildings.

professional carpet restoration and cleaning


Don’t Delay

One of the most important things you need to do is to get professional help as soon as possible.  If you delay water extraction for too long you could end up with permanent carpet damages and might even have to replace the entire buildings carpets.

Get Water Extracted Immediately

Your first option is to get all the water extracted from the building.  At Complete Carpet Restoration we use high powered machines to suck up all water from the carpets.  After water has been extracted your carpets will get dry a lot quicker.

The Area Will be Dried Off

Air movers and dehumidifiers will be used to extract the remaining moisture from the carpets.  This can be a time-consuming process but it is very important to get all the moisture out so you can prevent mold, mildew and bad odours.

Air Purification

Buildings have a tendency to capture moisture in the walls.  This moisture or humidity makes it tough to get the carpets completely clean.  The air will be purified by opening all openings in the building and by sucking in fresh air with an air filter.  Contaminated air will also be sucked out with an air filter in order to clear up misty or rotting odors.

The Carpet Should be Decontaminated

Bacteria inside the floors can be devastating to your carpets and can make residents ill.  It is always a good idea to get a carpet completely decontaminated and to kill off any bacteria that might be left behind.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

If the carpets still don’t look completely refreshed then another good option is to get your carpets steam cleaned.  Any left-over bacteria, dirt, and grime will be washed from the carpets and fragrances will be used to get rid of any bad odors that are left behind in the carpets.  Carpets that have been steam cleaned always feel a lot softer, they become puffier and thicker because the fibers are refreshed and the entire building will get a clean and refreshing smell.

With the right help, any carpet flooding or water damage can be completely restored and your carpets might even end up looking better than they ever did before.