Life in Melbourne is great.  Our bustling city offers plenty of great activities to do and the coastal line allows us to enjoy plenty of breathtaking sunsets.  But living in a city on the coastline has one major disadvantage.  The humidity and misty winter weather often make it hard to keep homes completely dry on the inside.  One of the toughest things to keep clean inside buildings is the carpets.  The moisture in the air has a tendency to collect in carpets, especially after carpets have been freshly washed.  It is incredibly important to ensure that your carpets are 100% dry once cleaned because otherwise, you could easily end up with mould and mildew.

What exactly are mould and mildew?

Mildew is a fungus that grows on the surface of moist areas.  Mildew usually results in gray or white fungus on your carpets. If mildew is allowed to prosper then it can quickly turn into mould which is a black or green fungus.  Mould and mildew can lurk anywhere inside your home but they are most commonly found in clusters with high levels of moisture.  There are over 100 000 different types of mould in existence.

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Why mould and mildew is such a big threat

Mould and mildew can affect your health negatively.  In 2007 scientists discovered that there was a link between areas with high figures of depression sufferers and mould inside their homes. Mould and mildew can also result in or worsen asthmatic conditions, wheezing, fever, hay fever, pink eye, coughing or chronic coughing, rashes, nasal drips and in some cases even result in death.  But these health threats are hardly the only problems that result from this pesky fungus.  Mould and mildew can also affect your carpets.  The bacteria results in a musky or in some cases even rotting odor.  Black, white and green fungi on the carpet can also result in terrible stains on your carpet and in extreme cases, mould can even result in damage to your carpet fibers.  You could end up with a damaged, stained or even ruined carpet and the worst part of it all is that the damage might not be detectable until it is too late because mould and mildew can grow underneath or inside the carpet without you realising it.

How to prevent mould and mildew from growing in your carpets

The best way to keep your carpets mould and mildew free is by using a professional carpet cleaning service like Carpet Repair Melbourne to effectively clean your carpets.  Our industrial carpet cleaning equipment will suck all the moisture from the carpets during the cleaning process which will help your carpets dry off much quicker.  Our cleaning equipment is also designed to remove mould and mildew as well as all other types of dirt and grime from your carpets which prevents large outbreaks from ever happening.

Can mould and mildew damage be restored?

In extreme cases where mould and mildew have resulted in rotting of your carpet fibers you might have to replace the carpets but most cases of mould and mildew in carpets can be effectively resolved by using professional carpet restoration services. We can get the fungus removed and to properly dry off your carpets to prevent future breakouts.

Another good tip to help keep your carpets dry during the raining season is by investing in a dehumidifier.  If the weather is particularly humid you can simply run your dehumidifier which will draw excess moisture from the air and prevent your carpets from capturing the moisture.

With something as simple as a dehumidifier and the help of a good cleaning company you can enjoy great looking carpets that are 100% mould and mildew free and ultimately healthy without any hard work from your side at all.