Springtime means a lot of good things are coming. Flowers, sunshine, cosy early mornings, late-night barbecue parties, and a lot more adventure just around the corner. Before we can truly enjoy these exciting spring activities, we all need to do a bit of spring cleaning. Your carpets are the best place to start. Here are a few good reasons to get your carpets spring cleaned as quickly as possible.

There Is a Lot of Dust Caught In Your Carpet

Winters are usually very dusty and all of that dust eventually ends up stuck in your carpet fibres. Over time, the dust will turn all sticky and can make your carpet fibres cling together. A layer of dust will also make your home smell old and can affect the vibrancy of your floors.

Deep carpet cleaning will remove all that clingy dust from your carpets, the natural carpet colours will become a lot more vibrant and that dusty smell will be eliminated in your home. 

Carpets Are At Their Dirtiest

Compared to other seasons, carpets tend to be much dirtier after winters. There are several reasons for this. Families and pets spend a lot more time indoors to escape the chill. The days are shorter leaving you less time for cleaning and the cooler temperatures make it a lot harder to thoroughly clean and dry your carpets.

It is good to get your carpets properly cleaned after spending so much time indoors and so little time on cleaning.

Deep Cleaning Will Kill Germs and Bacteria

We all need to be extra careful when it comes to contagious illnesses these days. It is important to disinfect all surfaces in your home including your carpets regularly. The best ways to kill germs and bacteria in your carpet fibres are by either shampooing your carpets, or by steam cleaning them. Both of these treatments will kill all sorts of microorganisms and will leave your carpets looking vibrant and fresh. 

That Spring Fresh Smell Is Always Worth It

Carpets always smell fragrant and spring fresh after a deep clean because professional cleaning companies use scented shampoos and fragrances to eliminate bad odours that have accumulated over the past few months. Dusty smells, mouldy scents, and pet smells will be eliminated. Instead, your home will smell lightly fragranced and fresh.

Get a Brilliant Clean Look

Winters are always bleak and dull. And that dull look somehow seems to seep into everything around us. With carpet cleaning, dust, grime, and stains will be removed from your flooring and all the natural colours will come to life. Your floors will look clean and hygienic.

Restore the Texture and Feel of Your Carpets

When professional cleaners are finished with your flooring, your carpets will be soft and fluffy again. All the sticky messes and dirt will be removed from the fibres and the deep suction of industrial vacuum cleaners raises and fluffs up your carpet fibres for a softer feel.

Get Rid Of Stains

Coffee, hot cocoa and warming stews are some of the best things about winter. But these tasty foods are not that good for your carpets because spills can create such terrible stains. Springtime is a good time to get rid of these stains – and to start focusing on healthier chilled meals like mess-free salads.

Your Floors Will Dry Off Quickly

Unlike wintertime, carpets dry off very fast during springtime. And when you hire a professional cleaner, your carpets will be dry even quicker because they use industrial dryers to speed up the process. 

These are all good reasons to get your carpets spring cleaned. But the best reason of all is that you won’t have to do it yourself. Professionals from Complete Carpet Restoration will deep clean and restore your carpets for you.