There is nothing that makes a home feel cosier than a soft warm carpet. Carpets are a real treat in the wintertime because they keep your home much warmer and you never have to winch at the sudden chill of an ice-cold floor no matter how cold it gets. These flooring solutions are also ideal for raising little ones. The warmth keeps little humans from getting sick when they are crawling about and the thick soft padding can reduce the chances of getting serious injuries when little ones fall.

But carpets are not always a pleasure to have. These beautiful flooring solutions all have one negative thing in common – they are hard to clean. Another huge factor all carpets have in common is that they may look clean even though they could in fact be horribly dirty. Carpets can also hold a lot of secrets you never thought possible. Here are a few interesting carpet facts you didn’t know but should.

01. Almost 90% of People Will Eat Off the Carpet at One Point or Another

A research study conducted by Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences found that almost 90% of respondents admitted that they have eaten food after dropping it on the carpet. While this isn’t a huge thing for clean carpets, it can be quite terrifying to think of what you could be consuming when carpets are dirty. 

02. Many People Remove Their Shoes Indoors Only If Asked

Lots of families learn to take off their shoes before stepping into the house to help keep carpets clean and fresh. A series of polls conducted by a carpet manufacturer saw that 72% of respondents remove their shoes when visiting someone else’s home – but only 63% always remove them in their own home. Wearing your outdoor shoes indoors will track dirt across the carpets and it also grinds the dirt right into the carpet fibres. Even giving your carpets a deep vacuum clean won’t be effective for removing all of this dirt.

03. About 70% of People Cover Up Carpet Stains

It is always good to treat carpet messes and stains directly. A commercial study found that 70% of people will cover up stains and messes instead of trying to clean up these messes. Once these stains set, they become very hard to clean from your beautiful flooring, and professional help is required to get these marks out. 

04. Vacuum Cleaners Cannot Remove All Carpet Hazards

Vacuum cleaners are very handy for sucking up loose dirt and dust from your carpet fibers. But these machines are not strong enough to remove all hazards. Your vacuum cleaner cannot get rid of any stubborn dirt that might be clinging to carpet fibres. These machines also won’t kill germs and bacteria that could be living in your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners can also increase respiratory conditions because they blow so much dirt right back into the air after vacuuming.

05. Steam Cleaners Are the Only Effective Way to Kill Germs

Microbes living in your carpets such as fungal spores, germs, bacteria, and tiny insects are not affected at all by vacuum cleaners. The only way to kill these organisms is by getting your carpets steam washed. The warm steam combined with soap kills these organisms on contact and result in a much cleaner carpet.

06. Dirty Carpets Can Make Your Family Very Sick

Messy carpets can contain all sorts of germs and bacteria. These germs and bacteria can cause many illnesses such as the common cold, allergies, asthma, skin irritations, stomach illnesses, and much more. To prevent illnesses, you need to vacuum your home at least once a week and get your carpets deep cleaned every 3 – 6 months.

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