2020 Sure has changed the way we go about life and sadly, many of these big changes will continue to have an effect on our lives for a large portion of 2021. We are all forced to live cleaner and more hygienic lifestyles to stay safe and avoid catching the dreaded coronavirus. 

It is very important to clean and disinfect your home or office surfaces regularly because this is the only way to reduce your chances of getting ill. But it is not just countertops and desks that require a proper clean. Carpets can also contain a lot of germs and bacteria that can easily spread to another host when you drop something on the floor.

The New Year is a good time to get those carpets restored, disinfected, and refreshed. When you get carpet cleaning early on, you have that little bit of extra peace of mind knowing that your home or work environment is safe and sound. Here are the best tips for refreshing and restoring your carpets.

Vacuum Your Carpets

Before you wash and shampoo your carpets, you should give the entire room a good vacuum. Vacuum cleaners will suck up all of that extra loose dirt and grime so your shampoo mixture won’t get all brown and muddy when you wash your carpets. 

Air out The Room

It is very important to open all doors and windows before you start deep washing your carpets. Moisture can evaporate and will cause a lot of humidity in the room if the windows are kept shut. All of this excess humidity can result in future issues such as black mould growths on your ceiling. 

Steam Cleaning Is Essential

Steam cleaning is ideal for killing all sorts of microbes, germs, and bacteria in your carpets. It is also best to use a professional like Complete Carpet Restoration to steam clean your carpets since they have industrial machines that pump lots of hot steam into your carpet fibres. The hot steam assists in loosening dirt and grime that might be clinging to your carpet fibres. Industrial steam cleaners also suck up all loosened grime and moisture after steaming the carpets. These machines are ideal for reviving the vibrancy of your carpets and for removing dirt deep from within the fibres.

Use a Proper Carpet Shampoo

A decent flavour rich carpet shampoo is necessary for killing germs and for removing stubborn dirt and stains from carpets. Carpet shampoos also help eliminate bad odours from your carpets and these shampoos are rich in fragrances that will make your office or home smell terrific. Good carpet cleaning companies use environmentally friendly carpet shampoos that won’t impact the environment in any way when they come to clean your property. These natural products are also rich in natural fresh scents and won’t cause allergy breakouts on people and pets that might be sensitive to chemicals. 

Properly Dry Your Carpets

Proper carpet drying is essential if you don’t want your carpets to reek with mouldy and musty odours and especially if you don’t want mould and mildew growth to start growing behind furniture pieces and in the corners of your rooms. Mould and mildew grow can cause terrible sinus conditions and these fungal growths can also result in permanent damage or stains on your beautiful and expensive carpets.

As you can see, deep carpet cleaning is a lot of hard work. If you want to do your own carpet cleaning you will need to rent industrial cleaning equipment and you will also need to buy the right carpet shampoos. In the long run, it is much easier and often more affordable to simply hire a professional carpet cleaning company that can do all this hard work for you in just a few hours.