Carpets are wonderful flooring treatments for homes and office spaces because they look so luxurious and can be so warm and cosy.  Beautiful carpets can be pricy which means you need to do what you can to keep them in good condition.  It is also important to clean your carpets regularly because lots of dirt, germs, and microscopic organisms can deposit in your carpets which can cause illnesses.

We all know how important it is to keep carpets clean and fresh but very few people know exactly what it takes to keep carpets clean and healthy. 

Here is a quick look at the best carpet cleaning schedule to adopt if you want to extend the life expectancy of your carpets for as long as possible and if you want to enjoy a fresh and clean home or office.

Vacuum Your Carpets 3 Times Per Week

You should be vacuuming your carpets 3 times per week or even more frequently if you have small children running about or indoor pets.  It is also important to use a quality vacuum with a HEPA (High-efficiency particulate) filter so all of the dirt, grime, and pollen can be lifted from your carpets.

Remove Stains and Spills Immediately

Don’t let spills dry out on your carpet.  It is important to treat your carpets immediately after accidents.   To remove spills and stains, you can grab a soft cloth and pat the area.  It is important not to rub or scrub the area because it will only spread the stain or mess.  You can also use a professional spot remover for stubborn stains such as wine or ink. 

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Every 6 Months

Over time, lots of dirt, pollen, allergens, and other deposits will settle deep into the carpet fibres.  These messes can be tough to remove even if you have the best vacuum cleaner in the world.  Microscopic organisms such as dust mites can also infect your carpets and will live and spread across your floors.  To keep your carpets clean and healthy, it is important to deep clean your carpets at least once every six months.  

Professional carpet cleaners will deep wash your carpets using a steam cleaner or they will shampoo your carpets by using commercial carpet shampoos that will wash out all dirt and kill all germs and bacteria in your carpets.  When professional carpet cleaners like Complete Carpet Restoration is finished, your carpets will be clean, they will smell terrific and your flooring will once again be soft and vibrant.

Lay Runner Rugs in Traffic Areas

Your carpets can become thinned and worn out in high traffic areas after a while.  A good way to keep your carpets in great condition is by laying runner rugs in these areas.  Runner rugs are easier to carry out for deep washing and will avoid damage to your large floor carpets.

Take Pets for Grooming

A great way to keep pet hair off your carpets is by grooming your pets more frequently.  Pets that shed a lot should be combed every week.  Another great tip is to take your pets for sheering during early spring or when you notice your pet starts to shed.  When all the hair is sheared off, your carpets will stay cleaner for longer.

Proper carpet care can be tough but when you get professional carpet cleaning every six months, your carpets will stay in great shape for much longer and it will be much easier to stick to the proper maintenance routine and your home will stay cleaner and healthier for much longer.