Have you always wondered about what makes your carpet smell? Do you want to know why there is an odour lurking around your floors? Well, there is no need to guess anymore. We have the reasons and main causes on why your carpet gets odours.
  • Mould and mildew.
    Water stains, natural sweat and hot weather all contribute to the growth of mildew and mould in the carpets. This is particularly potent and requires a heavy level of duty cleaning, including steam cleaning.

  • Spilt Liquids.
    Over time, the more liquids you drop on the floor, including, wine, milk, soda and so forth, the more it smells. So the aim is simple: remove it as you go. Before long, the smell will be gone. But it is imperative to let it build up over time.

  • Cigarettes.
    We all know cigarettes smell. Did you know that over time the molecules will latch onto your carpet and stink it up? And we all know the smoke smell is horrible. It is very tricky to remove thanks to its potency. Looking for carpet restoration services might be the only way to cleanly remove the smell.

  • Pets.
    This point isn’t for everyone, but those with pets know that you are facing smelly times. Pets can stink up carpet quite easily, so it is essential that you look to get it all removed when it happens.

 These are the most common types of odours that originate in carpets. There is no need to panic though. You can get your carpets repaired or restored by professionals. Before you know it, your carpets are back in premier condition.