Plenty of homeowners and businesses love carpets inside the building.  Carpets are so easy and quick to install and they look absolutely brilliant.  Carpets give a home or business a sense of warmth and a much snugger and cosier feel which is brilliant for chasing away some of the winter blues.  The soft padding of carpeting is also superb for making homes feel softer and for protecting people and especially children from slipping and falling.

But carpets are not the easiest things to keep clean or to repair if your home is damaged in some way.  Fire and water damage are some of the worst things that can happen to your home and especially to your carpets.  This is because both of these damage types can leave your carpets smelling horrid, stained and even completely ruined.

Here are 10 things you should do if your carpets are affected by fire or water damage this winter.

Solve the cause of damage

The first thing you need to do is to get the cause of damage sorted out. Building fires should be extinguished and water leaks should be repaired immediately.  This will prevent the damage from spreading and getting worse.

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Air your home out

The next thing you need to do is to open your windows and doors and to get the home fans running.  Yes, your home is going to get pretty chilly but you need to do this to avoid bad odors in the carpets.  Smoke and mould can result in a terrible home smell because your carpet absorbs all of these particles and will capture the smells.

Remove furniture from your carpets

Another good tip is to get all furniture removed from your carpets until you can get the carpets completely dried off or cleaned.

Evaluate the extent of the damage

Now that you have the problem solved and while you are airing your home, you can check the extent of the damage.  Is your carpet burnet?  Are there any stains?  Is your carpet soaking wet?

Get a wet carpet dried off

Water is terrible for your carpet.  The moisture will loosen up the carpet glue and will result in molding and rotting of your carpets.  Wet carpets can also become terribly stained if they are not evenly dried off.  Call the help of Complete Carpet Restoration to get all of the moisture drained out of your carpets and to get these carpets dried off completely.

Do a professional inspection

It can be tough to detect damaging elements within your carpet.  Fires can fill your carpets with soot and water can result in dampness which will eventually affect your carpets negatively.  Get a professional to inspect your carpets if there is no visible damage so you will be sure that no future damages will result from the initial incident.

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

It is always a good idea to get a professional like Complete Carpet Restoration to properly clean your carpets after water or fire damage.  Our experts will deep wash your carpets and remove any dirt, grime, soot or soil that might have ended up in the fibers.  Industrial cleaning agents and machinery is also superb for refreshing carpets and for reviving your carpets so the fibers will once again be nice and soft.

Look out for stains 

Fire and water damage often results in plenty of staining of your carpets.  It is important to look out for stains and to ask the professional company to focus on these particular areas and to get the stains removed.

Replace areas that are ruined

If a certain area of your carpet is completely ruined then you need to get these areas replaced.  Call your local carpeting company and inquire about the availability of the same carpet so damaged areas can be restored.

Keep damaged materials and invoices

You should also keep a piece of damaged materials as well as repair invoices so you can claim the damage from your insurance company.

If you do these 10 things then you are very likely to get off from water and fire damage very lightly and you can move on a lot easier.