Carpets are beautiful and these soft floor coverings make home life so cozy.  Carpets are nice and warm during those chilly winter months. They act as good buffers for young children, toddlers and even tiny babies learning to crawl and walk.  And carpets are great for simply enjoying quality time with family and pets while you are relaxing at home.

But carpets are also pretty tough to keep clean since you cannot really grab a mop and clean off all messes.  It is relatively easy to grab a vacuum to suck up some pet hair and dirt but other damages like stains, greases and water damage are a nightmare to get off your carpets.

Why It Isn’t a Good Idea to Restore Carpet Damages Yourself

DIY methods can be great except when you are dealing with carpets.  You should never use just any method to get carpet damages restored.  Many chemicals are too harsh for your carpets and can cause terrible stains or bleach spots.  It is also incredibly hard to get your carpets properly dried off which could result in rotting, mold growth and much more.1

The Types of Carpet Damages Complete Carpet Restoration Can Repair For You

If you have carpet damages or a carpet catastrophe on your hands then you should contact Complete Carpet Restoration right now.  We can get just about any carpet damages restored for you. Here is a quick list of all the types of carpet damages we can clean and restore.

Carpet flooding – This is one of our specialties.  If your carpets got flooded due to a broken pipe, a clogged drain or even due to a natural disaster then you should give us a call.  We can properly dry off all your carpets no matter how flooded and wet they may be. Our carpet restoration experts are also great at cleaning up flooding messes like mud, dirt, rotting or mold damages that your carpet might have gotten.

Carpet odors – We use the best quality cleaners and fragrances and can get any bad odors effectively removed from your carpets so your home will once again smell fresh.

Pet messes – Did your pets make a mess of your carpets?  We can get messes like urine odors and marks removed from your carpets in no time at all.  By using a professional to clean up pet messes you also prevent pets from making a mess inside the house again since they will no longer smell the urine on marked areas anymore.

Pet hair – Pet hair can be terrible, especially if you have a soft and fluffy carpet with a thick pile. We can get pet hair removed from all of your carpets no matter how bad your pet hair situation might seem.

Wine and food stains – Wine and food stains are no problem for our carpet experts.  We can get these stains completely restored for you in no time at all.

Flat pile – We can restore flattened pile of old carpets completely so your carpets will once again look and feel soft, bouncy and thick.

Grease and oil stains – These are some of the toughest stain types to get out of your carpets but we can also take care of these stain types and will restore your carpets as best possible.

Lifting carpets – Flood damages can cause your carpets to lift.  We can re-glue your carpets so they will stay in place once again.

Mold and mildew – In humid areas and in cases of flooding you can expect plenty of mold and mildew growth on your carpets.  These bacteria are terribly hazardous to your family and should be cleaned off. We will get rid of any mold and mildew on, within or underneath your carpets and we will get them properly dried off to prevent the growth from coming back.

Our carpet experts can restore and repair just about any carpet damages under the sun.  It doesn’t matter how extensive your carpet damages might be. Give us a call and we will get these issues sorted out for you.