It is finally spring again. Most families are absolutely thrilled because it is much easier for everyone to step out of the house to stay healthy during those chilly winter months. Early spring is the best time to properly spring clean your home. This is because lots of insects hide out in our homes and lay dormant until the warmer weather arrives to wake them from their slumber. Wintertime is also pretty dusty with the lower rainfall and all of this dust collects in all the corners of your home.

With spring cleaning you have the opportunity to wash out all infestations, get rid of dust and you can freshen up your home so it won’t smell all dusty and musty. One of the best things you can do for your home this spring is to get a professional carpet cleaning. A deep cleaning and carpet refreshing service offers you and your family lots of great benefits such as the following. 

1. Create a Healthier Home Environment

Industrial carpet cleaning equipment with steam clean action is superb for creating a healthier home environment. This is because the steam kills off germs, bacteria, and microorganisms that live in your carpet fibres. 

High-pressure vacuum cleaners also absorb all allergens such as pollen. With professional carpet cleaning your home becomes a much healthier environment for asthma sufferers, those with allergies and especially for small children that crawl about your carpets. 

2. Freshen Up Your Carpets

During winter lots of dust will settle in your carpet fibres. Industrial vacuum cleaners will suck out all dust and dirt from your carpets while steam cleaners freshen everything up. Your carpets will look much more vibrant and the fibres will be loose, soft and will stand upright for a fresher feel. 

3. Refresh Your Home

The environmentally friendly cleaning products we use smell terrific and are designed to eliminate bad odours. When we are finished cleaning your carpets, your entire home will smell fresh and clean. 

4. Get Rid Of Carpet Stains

Professionals have all the needed equipment to get rid of carpet stains without damaging your carpets. While you spring clean your home, we will focus on these tough areas so everything will look squeaky clean.

5. No Exposure to Dangerous Chemicals

Home and domestic cleaning products often contain lots of chemicals that are toxic to pets and small children. When you use professionals like Complete Carpet Restoration, your home will be treated with environmentally friendly products that won’t cause any harm to tiny kids and pets that might be crawling or running about your carpets. 

6. Proper Care for Your Carpets

Lots of DIY carpet cleaning remedies and products are damaging. When you use professionals your carpets will enjoy the best care and damage will be prevented. The proper care and maintenance provided by professionals will also enhance the life expectancy of your home’s flooring. 

7. Stop Pest Infestations In Their Tracks

Professional carpet cleaning services use specialised machinery that eliminates bacteria and kills off germs and other microorganisms living in your carpets. A professional clean job will help you get rid of infestations such as dust mites, fleas, ticks and fungal spores that might be living in your carpets. 

8. Eliminate the Chances Of Getting Mould

Home carpet cleaners just don’t have what it takes to properly dry off your floors. Our professionals use industrial dryers to get all moisture withdrawn from the carpets. Completely dry carpets smell terrific and eliminate the chances of getting mould and mildew growth in your flooring.

Want to get professional carpet cleaning from a reputable local service? Get in touch with Complete Carpet Restoration and your home will be sparkling clean this spring.