Home accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.  Our modern lifestyle is all about hustling and bustling.  It can be so easy to forget to open or close a tap while we are busy trying to get everything ready for the day.  It is also easy to miss that suspicious water leak underneath the sink when you are battling to make your way out the door and to work.  Fast forward eight working hours, the time you spent sitting in traffic and the time you used for a quick trip to the grocery store and you can easily come home to a horrible nightmare.  Home flooding is no joke and water damage is often incredibly costly to repair, especially if your carpets have been flooded all day long.  And now that you are tired from a long day of hustling and bustling on the job you have to get to work to clean the mess in order to prevent further damage.  Here are a few great water damage restoration & wet carpet drying tips that will help you get your home back into shape quickly.

Find the source of the problem

The first step should be to see if you can locate the source of the problem.  An open tap is an easy fix but a water pipe or boiler burst is a whole different story.  If you can spot a water leak coming from the pipelines then the best thing to do is to switch off your home’s water supply.


Suck that water up

The next big task is to get all that excess water out of the house.  If your kitchen or living room is flooded then equipment like a broom, buckets and mop can help you get the most of the water out but for other areas like the basement, you might have to get a water pump to get all that water out.

Don’t delay your carpet restoration

Get your home’s carpets dried off as quickly as possible.  Water can dissolve your carpet glue which can result in lifting and will also cause terrible rotting, molding, and damage to those expensive carpets.  The best possible thing you can do to get your carpets restored and dried off quickly is to call for the help of Complete Carpet Restoration.  We have a lot of great equipment that will help you get all excess water sucked out of your carpets and to dry out your carpets before they start to smell or before damage sets in.

Tips for DIY carpet restoration and drying

If you are planning on DIY carpet drying and restoration then you can definitely give the following tips a try;

  • Use your vacuum cleaner – if compatible with water – to suck up as much water from the carpets as possible.
  • Switch on all your home fans and set up any mobile fans to start the drying process.
  • Get a dehumidifier to get as much humidity out of the house as possible.
  • Your carpets will need to be steam cleaned to sanitise and fragrance the carpets. Industrial steam cleaners will also restore the carpet fibers.
  • If carpets did get damaged during the flooding then you might have to get the carpet padding replaced.  The padding is located underneath the carpet and should be dried out as quickly as possible to prevent damage.
  • Remember to sanitise the walls and baseboards as well and try to get excess water from out of the baseboards so these delicate wood boards won’t puff out or bend due to water damage.

It is much better to call in the help of our expert carpet restoration company in Melbourne.  DIY projects can save you a lot of money in the short run but if your carpets end up rotting from underneath you could be looking into an entire carpet redo which is quite expensive.  Call in the help of an expert with all the right tools and get your carpets restored and dried off without the damage.